Massage Therapist Training


Congratulations on your decision to start your career as a massage therapist!

Massage therapy is a high demand field, so your career outlook is outstanding!

Requirements vary from state to state for massage therapist training. To read the state specific massage therapist training requirements, click the location below to get started.


Massage Therapist

A massage therapist is an expert in pain relief, stress reduction, and healing injuries for individuals. Demand for massage therapists has continued to rise, due to an increasing trend among the public to use massage as a main healthcare alternative.

Therapists may be independent contractors, salaried employees, or work in a private or group office setting as a self-employed practitioner. Regardless of where you live, there’s always a demand for care, however training requirements and regulations vary from State to State in the U.S., as well as from country to country.

Massage Therapist Job Description

The job description for a massage therapist will vary depending on the type of position for which you apply.

For example, a massage therapist for a spa will have different sets of responsibilities than one who works in clinical/medical massage. Also, some therapists travel to the client site for athletic programs or corporate onsite services, for example.

However, the job typically entails:

  • A client interview to decide on the required method of massage therapy.
  • Review of symptoms and medical history, including consulting with other treating medical professionals.
  • Preparation and maintenance of equipment, oils, and supplies.
  • Application of the correct pressure while avoiding bruising and further injury.
  • Maintenance of treatment records.

For more information regarding the massage therapist job description, click here.

Massage Therapist Jobs

As mentioned earlier, the demand for massage therapists remains high. If you fulfill the qualifications and complete the appropriate training (again, required training depends on your specific location), you have outstanding career opportunities.

Whether it’s through a healthcare facility looking to hire their own employed therapists, or an a spa chain that is hiring contractors that can be distributed to various locations or even client sites, your employment options are excellent.

Be sure to visit our massage therapy jobs board, with new job opportunities for people like you every day!

Massage Therapist License

Most states require that you first get a license before you seek employment as a massage therapist.

In Illinois, for example, you must receive a license from the state, which proves that you have completed 600 hours of training and passed a background check.

Similar rules apply in most other states, with varying educational requirements, background checks, and other training sometimes required.

It is best to check using the convenient map above to check the requirements for your area to learn what you need before seeking employment.

Massage Therapist Training in Florida

Florida is a hotbed for the massage industry. When you think about how many resorts offer spa services as well as the aging population in need of medical services including massage therapy, it becomes obvious.

Massage therapist training requirements in Florida involve 500 hours of vocation specific training, passage of a comprehensive exam, as well as additional programs covering medical error prevention, HIV/AIDS, and Florida specific laws. All of this must be completed before becoming registered and employed.

Feel free to read our post about massage therapist training in Florida for more detailed information.

Online Massage Therapist Training

Some jurisdictions will allow you to begin training online, however these are usually the most basic, entry-level courses. This can be a convenient way to, in the comfort of your own home, begin to prepare for the exam required to obtain your license, which will then allow you to get a job.

Online courses are not always accepted. It depends on the state or local government where you intend to work. If you do live in a state that allows online training, be sure that it is from a state approved program that will provide what you need to obtain licensing.

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