Massage Therapist Salary South Dakota

Massage Therapist Salary in South Dakota

A massage therapist’s salary will differ greatly between locations and the employer mix there. To help your decisionmaking regarding a career as a therapist in South Dakota, we acquired a database of salary data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (Occupational Employment and Wages data) and have extracted state and local data specific to massage therapist salary.

Massage therapist salary and wage data is collected on both an hourly and annual basis and, since many therapists choose to work part time, we present both methods here.

South Dakota – Statewide

Statewide, a South Dakota massage therapist has an average hourly wage of $15.45. To provide some detail, let’s look at the middle fifty percent of earners. We eliminate the bottom and top 25% to focus on reasonable earning expectations. This shows us that a massage therapist’s hourly earnings in South Dakota range from $13.36 to $17.46 per hour.

As we said, we analyzed the data to filter for a South Dakota massage therapist’s annual salary too. Here we found an average of $32,140 per year. To add context here, we pulled out that middle fifty percent range again and found the annual salary range for an South Dakota massage therapist would be from $27,780to $36,310 per year.

In other states we have been successful in drilling down into the government’s data for regional differences. South Dakota is the first case where we were unable for find statistically significant variances in massage therapist salaries across the state. We will monitor future government releases for more South Dakota specific detail for massage therapists.


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