Massage Therapist Salary

Massage Therapist Salary


Congratulations on your decision to start your career as a massage therapist!

The outlook for the massage therapy profession is quite positive!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, massage therapist employment is expected to grow over 20 percent over the next dacade.  This is a much faster rate thant the Bureau’s all occupations average. To review state specific massage therapist earnings data, click the location below to get started.


Massage Therapist Earnings Statistics

Reported earnings for massage therapists varies significantly based on the source of the data. It is a growing, well paid occupation no matter who is reporting though.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median annual salary for massage therapists is now almost $36,000. The reports from the American Massage Therapy Association are even better, with hourly earnings in excess of $41 per hour, on average. However, this is broken down in two parts, an hourly rate and a tip.  The hourly rate alone is over $31 per hour with an average tip of over $10.

According to the AMTA, massage therapists work an average of 20 hours per week.  Health club and spa therapists tend to work more hours and attract most of the tips mentioned above.  In addition to the health club / spa environment, massage therapists also work in private offices, hospitals, chiropractic and medical centers, as well as some who travel to clients’ offices or homes.

Rather than just use these averages as your guide, click on the location of interest above to get specific information on massage therapist’s income where your are.

Massage Therapist Jobs

As mentioned eleswhere, the demand for massage therapists remains high. If you fulfill the qualifications and complete the appropriate training (again, required training depends on your specific location), you have outstanding career opportunities.

Whether it’s through a healthcare facility looking to hire their own employed therapists, or an a spa chain that is hiring contractors that can be distributed to various locations or even client sites, your employment options are excellent.

Be sure to visit our massage therapy jobs board, with new job opportunities for people like you every day!

Massage Therapist License

Most states require that you first get a license before you seek employment as a massage therapist.

In Illinois, for example, you must receive a license from the state, which proves that you have completed 600 hours of training and passed a background check.

Similar rules apply in most other states, with varying educational requirements, background checks, and other training sometimes required.

It is best to check using the convenient map here to check the requirements for your area to learn what you need before seeking employment.