Massage Therapist Training Alaska

Massage Therapist Requirements in Alaska

Currently, the State of Alaska does not require a license for massage therapists. However, due to recent legislation, this is changing.

Effective July 1, 2015, a license will be required for therapists who: have not practiced massage therapy, or have practiced massage therapy in the Alaska and do not currently have a license to practice massage therapy in another state or country that has licensing requirements that are substantially equal to or greater than the requirements of Alaska; or are not certified by a certification entity approved by the Alaska Board of Massage Therapists.

Effective July 1, 2017, a license will be required for all practicing massage therapy in the state.

Prior to these dates, be sure to verify with local authorities that you are in compliance with their requirements due to the absence of statewide requirements.

Visit the Alaska Department of Commerce to obtain the application for licensure related to this new legislation.

Alaska Massage Therapist Salary

This training is most valuable if it translates into earnings. For specific data on massage therapist’s salary in Alaska click here. We’ve extracted information from labor surveys to give you local data specific to salary expectatations for massage therapists in Alaska.